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Unlock your organization's potential with Better BPM—your gateway to streamlined processes

Better BPM is a collaborative learning community created to help you design better non-profits and businesses.

By joining Better BPM, you can access a wealth of resources, knowledge, and expertise to transform your organization and achieve real results.

  • Together, we achieve tangible results through the application of Business Process Management (BPM) tools and techniques, including the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) visual language.
  • Through membership, you can develop a clear and shared understanding of core processes, identify areas for improvement, and streamline operations to save time and money. Save 15 minutes per workday to free up 60 hours per year!
  • Better BPM can help your small-to-medium-sized non-profit or business enhance communication, improve efficiency, and increase agility. Help the "poets" in your organization collaborate more effectively with the "engineers."
  • Better BPM offers access to specialist expertise and helps identify opportunities to automate using no-code tools like SmartSuite and Zapier.

Advantage is found at the margin. You already manage business processes. Join Better BPM and learn to manage them better.

Real Conversation

Good content is a starting point. However, translating concepts into action requires conversation. That's why our workshops and events emphasize small groups. After all, it's difficult to have a real conversation if you can't fit the participants around a kitchen table.

Our Members

Our members share a desire to make their organizations—and those of their clients—better.

  • Non-profit innovators—Reduce operational friction and improve program delivery.
  • Business operators—Identify ways to improve your most important business processes through streamlining, automation, and delegation.
  • No-code automation consultants—Help your clients understand their processes more clearly and completely, so you can help them improve their businesses through automation.
  • Business analysts—Share questions, ideas, techniques, and process models with peers who "geek out" on process improvement.

Hyper-automation and Process Thinking

The explosion of effective and inexpensive no-code tools has fueled the need for process thinking and management skills at businesses of all sizes. Membership in Better BPM will help you automate what should be automated, allowing you to focus your time and attention on providing the human touch.

Your Host

Dave Bayless hosts the Better BPM community. He has deep experience in entrepreneurship, finance, and operations. Dave has used visual modeling techniques for decades and is a certified BPM 2 Fundamental Professional. In addition, he is a SmartSuite Certified Consultant and an experienced user of SmartSuite, Airtable, Zapier, and other no-code process automation tools.

What Members Say

Dave is a natural teacher and communicator, and by the end of the [Hands-on with BPMN] workshop, I felt confident and clear on how to start applying BPMN to improve my work and better help my clients. The workshop is very interactive and fun. We practiced applying what we were learning in real time, which made the learning process much faster and more effective. Since the workshop, I've been using BPMN with all my clients with great outcomes, and I only wish it had been available ten years ago! —Mike Spiak

Since you took our team through your BPMN instruction, the team at Manifest Digital Solutions has been making leaps in refining our processes (with and without automation), documenting new ones (properly), and creating new feedback loops with our customers. Thank you for your expert instruction and guidance. —Ben Nelson

Being an IT consultant is all about problem-solving and helping businesses with critical decision-making. In order to determine the optimum solution, it is imperative to dissect an organization’s daily operations and have a clear understanding of its processes and procedures. By joining Better BPM, I am able to gain ‘real real-world’ insights into process modeling, which allows me to translate business problems into software solutions that add value to our clients’ organizations. —Georgios Kougkas

Invitation to Pay It Forward

Membership is free. Any support you provide is entirely up to you. After you've been a member for a while, I'll send you a single email inviting you to "pay it forward" with some suggestions regarding how you might support this learning community.

Let's Talk

Not sure Better BPM is right for you? Let's talk. Schedule a 15-minute Zoom conversation with host Dave Bayless.

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